Lithium carbonate prices fluctuate

According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of the Business Society, the prices of industrial grade and battery grade lithium carbonate have fluctuated this week. On May 25th, the average domestic mixed price of industrial grade lithium carbonate was 282000 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.81% compared to the average price of 277000 yuan/ton on May 21st. On May 25th, the average domestic mixed price of battery grade lithium carbonate was 304000 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.33% compared to the average price of 300000 yuan/ton on May 21st.


By observing market changes, it can be seen that the price of lithium carbonate has increased first and then decreased this week, with a slight downward trend. The price of upstream raw material lithium mica is still at a high level and the supply is limited, so traders have a certain reluctance to sell. The pricing power of spodumene is concentrated in overseas mines, and some lithium salt plants that extract spodumene from overseas are still in a state of production reduction due to cost issues. In addition, there was a strong sentiment of lithium carbonate being overpriced in the early stage, making it relatively difficult to find low-priced spot goods.


In terms of demand, downstream material factories mainly restock on demand, while some downstream companies accept high lithium prices due to strong demand, leading to a slight increase in the actual transaction price of lithium carbonate and a significant shift in lithium salt inventory. But at the same time, some downstream areas are still in a wait-and-see state. At present, the market sentiment of lithium carbonate is somewhat calm, and the price gradually returns to the fundamental operation.


Downstream lithium hydroxide prices are stabilizing. As the lithium carbonate market gradually returns to rationality, the lithium hydroxide market is also paying more attention to the actual recovery of demand, and the wait-and-see sentiment in the spot retail market has intensified.


The price trend of downstream lithium iron phosphate is on the rise, with a positive market trading atmosphere. The demand from downstream manufacturers is moderate, and the inventory of lithium iron phosphate is average. The price of upstream lithium carbonate is at a high level, with some cost support. The current trend is still strong, with an increase in downstream demand for lithium iron phosphate and smooth shipping.


Lithium carbonate analysts from Business Society believe that the current trend of the lithium carbonate market is gradually rational, with an increase in market supply. Some traders are in a selling mood, and despite no significant improvement in actual demand, the upstream and downstream games are still ongoing. It is expected that the short-term price of lithium carbonate will be mainly volatile and organized.