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Application of electromagnetic flowmeter in production of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a kind of important chemical additives. It is mainly used in textile warp sizing agent, fabric finishing agent, vinylon fiber raw materials; architectural decoration industry 107 glue, internal and external wall coating, adhesive; chemical industry used as emulsifier and dispersing agent and polyvinyl alcohol formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, butyral resin; paper industry as a paper product adhesive; agriculture for soil improvement agent, pesticide adhesion synergistic agent and polyvinyl alcohol film; can also be used for daily cosmetics and high frequency quenching agent and so on. With the continuous improvement of the level of industrial automation, in the actual production process of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), participate in the production process of a variety of materials must be by a certain amount or proportion of investment, enterprise in order to reduce the cost and energy saving, the corresponding electromagnetic flowmeter measurement accuracy requirements is also getting higher and higher.

How to ensure the safety performance of detergents on the human body

First, we need to know the general steam hot water boiler will be used for bathing center or factory, most of them are for factory use steam boiler heating equipment for normal production, but does not rule out most of the plants will be steam-heated hot water for staff bathing. Bath center, not to mention all the water using steam to heat. So when we annually for the maintenance of the boiler will be cleared when the scale of this category in the past all human conduct cleaning, waste of manpower and clearly not clean the boiler is also no good.

With the development of science and technology in the market gradually with detergents such chemicals, but you use detergents safe enough? Regular detergents are made amino acid, organic acids such as citric acid or acetic acid, this acid does not cause damage to the human body. But with white vinegar and citric acid is used in addition to the boiler where the scale a bit unrealistic because the effect is not ideal and the high cost, the effect of amino acid descaling highly corrosive and did little harm to the human body is not corrosive to the skin and is very stable.

Detergents generally are the amino acid and penetrant, corrosion inhibitors and other chemicals through the addition of complex precision calculation is made. But there is a lot detergents paired with hydrochloric acid in order to save costs, we can imagine hydrochloric acid corrosion and damage to the boiler on the human body. So I try to choose to buy detergents solid detergents.