In November, the ethanol market fluctuated and declined

In November, the domestic ethanol market declined with little fluctuation. According to the sample data monitored by the business community, the price at the beginning of the month was 6762 yuan/ton, and the price at the end of the month was 6700 yuan/ton, a decrease of 0.92%. The maximum amplitude in the month was 1.11%, and the price fell 4.63% year on year.



At the beginning of this month, the domestic ethanol market price range was reorganized, and short-term prices were hardly boosted, with a small downward trend as the main trend. The price of raw corn fluctuated, the starting load of downstream chemical acetate was stable, and the demand decreased. Stable load arrangement on the plant surface, and weak price operation on the ethanol market.


In the middle of this month, the domestic ethanol market continued to trade in a weak way. The supply side was relatively abundant in the short term, and the operating capacity of production plants was higher than that in October. However, the demand side was limited in the short term, which continued to be weak, and it was difficult to see significant benefits in the short term. The transaction price of the domestic ethanol market continued to operate in a weak way.


In the last ten days of this month, the domestic ethanol market continued to be dominated by weak transactions, the market atmosphere in various regions continued to be cold, and some factories mainly drove up prices, but the actual transactions were average. In some regions, the unit operating load was high, the demand side remained low, and the domestic ethanol market continued to operate at a low level in the short term.


At the end of the month, there was a negative phenomenon in units in various regions, the supply side increased in a short term, and the domestic ethanol market was weak.


Strong cost support and stable demand operation. The ethanol analyst of the business association predicted that the short-term domestic ethanol market would be mainly settled by shocks.