The weekly market of polyaluminium chloride is temporarily stable

Commodity index: on September 12, the commodity index of polyaluminium chloride was 95.26, unchanged from yesterday, down 12.61% from the highest point 109.01 in the cycle (2019-08-28), and up 12.97% from the lowest point 84.32 on August 18, 2020. (Note: the period refers to the period from April 1, 2019 to now)

According to the monitoring of business society, the mainstream market of polyaluminum chloride in China remained stable last week. From September 6 to 12, the domestic mainstream quotation of solid (industrial grade, content ≥ 28%) polyaluminum chloride was 1762.33 yuan / ton, and the weekly market was stable.

Industrial chain: in terms of upstream raw materials, according to the monitoring data of hydrochloric acid: business society, the comprehensive price of hydrochloric acid in Shandong was temporarily stable last week, with a quotation of 276.67 yuan / ton, down 4.60% from the same period last year. On August 30, the mainstream quotation was about 296.67 yuan / ton, and on September 5, the domestic mainstream quotation was 293.33, with a range of – 1.13%. From the perspective of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of hydrochloric acid, the market situation of upstream liquid chlorine is general and the support for hydrochloric acid is weak, while the market price of downstream ammonium chloride is high and the purchase intention of downstream is not strong, which has a positive impact on hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid mainly fluctuates slightly in the near future.

LNG is used in the production process. Last week, the domestic mainstream price of LNG continued to decline. On September 6, the average price of domestic LNG was 5926.67 yuan / ton, and on September 12, the mainstream price was 5783.33 yuan / ton, with a weekly adjustment range of – 2.42%. The overall demand is weakened, the terminal gas is insufficient, and the liquid plant reduces the price and discharges the warehouse for good, but the high price transaction is not smooth, and there are still downward expectations. However, the cost is high and the supporting force is still, so the downward range is not large. It is expected that the domestic LNG market will operate weakly and stably in the short term.

Downstream demand: at present, the epidemic situation in the water treatment industry and the price of raw materials have changed slightly, and the demand adjustment range is not large. The downstream purchase price is normal, and the demand tends to be stable.

Future forecast: according to the analysis of business society, the current raw material price of polyaluminium chloride has little change, but the price of liquefied natural gas has decreased, and polyaluminium chloride is likely to be weak and stable in the future.