Favorable conditions drive the market price of acetone higher

According to the monitoring data of business agency, taking the market offer in East China as an example, the offer in East China market was 6200 yuan / ton on September 1 and 6550 yuan / ton on September 14, with an increase of 4.8%. In the national market, the current negotiation space is 6550-6800 yuan / ton. Offers from major mainstream regions are as follows: 6550 yuan / ton in East China, 6950 yuan / ton in South China and 6650 yuan / ton in Yanshan and Shandong.

The atmosphere of replenishment and delivery in the terminal factory has been significantly improved, the on-site cargo holders have some support, the offer has increased, some manufacturers have limited shipments, and there are contract reductions within the month..

From the perspective of supply, the operating rate of domestic phenol ketone enterprises has maintained a stable trend. Except that Jilin Petrochemical has started unlimited export at 70%, the operating rates of CNOOC shell and Yangzhou Shiyou are low, and the operating rates of other enterprises are 95%. Most enterprises have been operating at full capacity. At the beginning of this week, pure benzene soared, related products phenol soared, and petrochemical enterprises also increased acetone products one after another, which boosted the mentality of market holders.

From the perspective of business agency, at present, the market fundamentals are stable, the mentality of cargo holders is stable, and the offer is mainly firm. Business agency expects the short-term negotiation in East China market to be 6550-6600 yuan / ton.