In January, n-propanol market consolidated

According to price monitoring data from Business Society, as of January 31, 2024, the domestic market price of n-propanol was referenced at 7950 yuan/ton, which was basically the same as the price at the beginning of the month. Compared with December 13, 2023 (reference price of n-propanol was 7850 yuan/ton), the price increased by 100 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.27%.


From the data monitoring chart of Business Society, it can be seen that in January, the overall market situation of domestic n-propanol remained stable and organized. Within the month, the fundamentals of the domestic n-propanol market were relatively calm, with little adjustment in the supply and demand sides. The overall production of n-propanol was normal, and the pace of supply side shipments was normal. Downstream n-propanol was stocked according to demand and quantity. The overall transmission of supply and demand in the market was stable, and there were no significant fluctuations in the market. As of January 31st, the domestic market price of n-propanol in Shandong region is around 7400-7800 yuan/ton. The normal operation of the n-propanol plant in the Nanjing area, and the overall stable operation of the n-propanol market, with a reference price of around 8500-9000 yuan/ton for the n-propanol market. Dealers in different regions still have reservations about prices, and the difficulty in monitoring prices may lead to differences in specific negotiation situations. Each region also has differences, and actual negotiations are the main focus.


Prediction of future market trends of n-propanol


At present, the overall trading atmosphere in the n-propanol market is light and mild. Some downstream factories are nearing the end of pre holiday stocking, with sporadic small orders and moderate stocking. The overall market remains relatively calm. As the Spring Festival approaches, domestic logistics are also gradually shutting down. Business Society’s n-propanol data analyst believes that in the short term, the domestic n-propanol market will mainly continue to operate steadily, and the specific trend still needs to pay more attention to changes in supply and demand news.