Butanone market rose first and then fell in November (11.1-11.25)

According to the data monitoring of the business community, as of November 25, 2022, the domestic butanone market price reference is 8866 yuan/ton, which is 200 yuan/ton higher than the price on November 1 (8666 yuan/ton), or 2.31% higher.



It can be seen from the data monitoring chart of the business community that since November (11.1-11.25), the domestic butanone market has risen first, then fell, and the overall market has risen slightly. The market trend of butanone can be divided into two parts: the first ten days and the last ten days:


In the first ten days of November, the domestic butanone market was dominated by the overall rise. Since the beginning of the month, the high price of C4 after the raw material ether gave support to the cost of butanone, and the butanone market price was steadily moving upward. On November 17, the butanone market price was 8966 yuan/ton, up 3.46% in the first ten days.


In late November, the rise of domestic butanone market failed to continue. Under the supply and demand game, the market was temporarily stuck at a high level. However, the downstream demand was generally large, and under the control of demand, near the end of the month, the butanone market began to decline. On November 25, the butanone market price referred to 8866 yuan/ton, with a decline of 1.12% on the fifth day.


Future market analysis of butanone


At present, the trading atmosphere of butanone on the market is flat, and the downstream demand is still weak as a whole. Butanone mathematicians from the business community believe that in the short term, the domestic butanone market is dragged down by demand or has the risk of further small decline. The specific trend needs to pay more attention to the changes in the information on the supply and demand side.