The market of cyclohexanone is strong and volatile

According to the monitoring data of the business community, from September 16 to 22, the average market price of cyclohexanone in China rose from 9760 yuan/ton to 9820 yuan/ton, up 0.61% in the week, 0.20% month on month and 23.16% year on year.



This week, the domestic cyclohexanone market was rather volatile, and the price of Hualu Hengsheng, the main manufacturer, rose from 9700 yuan/ton to 10100 yuan/ton, mainly because the cost was supported by the upstream and the downstream pre festival replenishment and merchants pushed up, and the transaction focus rose.


Summary of domestic cyclohexanone market as of September 22:


Region, price

In East China, 10000-10100 yuan/ton will be sent to

In South China, 10100-10200 yuan/ton of spot exchange will be sent to

In Shandong, 9850-9950 yuan/ton of spot exchange is sent to

Raw material pure benzene: The price of domestic pure benzene market fluctuated upward, and the spot demand was good. Sinopec’s pure benzene was listed up by 100 yuan/ton to 7850 yuan/ton.


Downstream caprolactam: caprolactam prices fell. The expected increase in supply affected the market mentality. In addition, the demand side atmosphere was weak, and the caprolactam market fell.


Raw material pure benzene fluctuated at a high level, the cost support was stable, and the intention of downstream goods preparation was strengthened before the festival. The cyclohexanone analysts of the business community predicted that the short-term cyclohexanone market would be dominated by strong consolidation