On September 21, the price of domestic hydrofluoric acid market declined slightly

Region, price (yuan/ton), rise and fall (yuan/ton),

Jiangxi Province, 9900-10300., 0

Henan Province, 10000-10300., 0

Inner Mongolia, 9700-10000., 0

Shandong Province, 9800-10200., 0

Fujian Province, 9800-10200., 0

On September 21, the mainstream price of domestic anhydrous hydrofluoric acid manufacturers was 9800-10200 yuan/ton. The ex factory price trend of domestic hydrofluoric acid manufacturers declined slightly. The operating rate of domestic hydrofluoric acid manufacturers did not change much, and the supply of goods on the site was normal. Recently, the price of fluorite rose slightly, but the downstream refrigerant market remained low, on-site procurement was not active, and the price of sulfuric acid dropped significantly. In general, the price of on-site hydrofluoric acid is expected to decline slightly in the later period.