On August 1, the market price trend of domestic ammonium nitrate declined

On August 1, the price trend of domestic ammonium nitrate fell. Due to different production fuels, there was a large gap in manufacturers’ quotations. The mainstream of on-site negotiation was 4300-4700 yuan / ton, and the price quotation in Hebei was 4600-4700 yuan / ton. Recently, the price of liquid ammonia in the upstream raw material market fell, the price of nitric acid fell, and the decline of raw material price had a certain negative impact on the ammonium nitrate Market, but the sales of the downstream civil explosive industry came to an end, and the on-site supply of goods was normal recently, The market price of ammonium nitrate declined, and it is expected that the price will continue to decline in the later period. The market prices of ammonium nitrate in some parts of China are as follows:


Region, price (yuan / ton), rise and fall (yuan / ton)

Hebei, 4600-4700, -500

Henan, 4300-4400, -200

Shaanxi Province, 5000-5200, 0

Yunnan, 2900-3100, 0