The market of polyacrylamide has been stable recently

Data monitoring shows that on the 29th, the mainstream market price of polyacrylamide (CPAM, cation, molecular weight 12 million, 10-30 ionic degree) in China was about 18025 yuan / ton. Recently, the market demand was weak, the transaction was general, the manufacturer’s price was slightly adjusted, and the fluctuation range in the past three days was 0.14%, which was very small.

From the perspective of industry, the market trend of petrochemical raw materials has weakened recently, and the cost pressure of raw materials related to water treatment has decreased; Due to the influence of environmental protection and dual control policies in winter, the production is limited and stopped in many places, the commencement of basic chemicals is affected, the market price difference is large, limited by the low heat of downstream demand, the ex factory price of water treatment products is stable, some are adjusted, and the adjustment range is small. Among them, the market of raw material acrylonitrile has been maintained at about 15250 yuan / ton in the past three days, and the decline rate is about 200 yuan / ton so far this month; It is reported that in the fourth quarter, major manufacturers conducted centralized accidental maintenance of devices, and the output did not increase significantly as scheduled. The market is expected to be easy to rise and difficult to fall in the future. At present, Sinopec East China implements 15100 yuan / ton, up 300 yuan / ton compared with last month.

Raw acrylic acid: the recent acrylic acid Market stopped falling and rose. As of the 29th, the average price of acrylic acid in East China was 17000 yuan / ton, up 0.79% from 16866.67 yuan / ton on the 26th. Driven by the rising price of raw propylene, the cost of acrylic acid is rising, and the plant unit is gradually entering the maintenance stage. It is expected that the short-term market of acrylic acid may be stable and upward.

As for the future market, the support of raw materials is insufficient and the downstream demand is general. At present, the polyacrylamide market mainly fluctuates slightly, and the overall market is slightly weak; Subject to the environmental protection in winter and the dual control policies of many provinces, cities and regions in China, the market generally predicts that the market price will rise after the manufacturer’s production is limited in the later stage.