Carbon black manufacturers inventory ultra-low, rising prices continue to heat up

In 2020, the carbon black industry has withstood the test of the epidemic, and production has gradually recovered from the second half of the year, ushering in the “little spring” of market demand growth, and the profitability of enterprises has also been improved. But on the whole, there is a lack of high-end products, the profitability is still below the average level of the industry, and most of the exports are low-end products, with both volume and price falling. ”

From March to April, the focus of price negotiation shifted downward, accumulating 600-800 yuan / ton. After the middle and late April, the domestic and export sales of tires were under pressure, and some tire enterprises successively lowered their plans to start or save, which was constrained by the weakening demand and the bad mood of carbon black market. However, the carbon black industry still had a strong price stability mentality under the support of high coal tar.

Near the May Day holiday, the enthusiasm of deep processing enterprises to prepare raw materials for coal tar has increased. In addition, under the environmental protection policies of Shanxi, Hebei and other regions, coke enterprises limit production, coal tar supply is in short supply, and under the situation of tight goods and rising prices, the new orders of coal tar have increased more than the market expectation. As of April 28, Shanxi Meijin Energy Co., Ltd. coal tar auction, coal chemical transaction 3750 yuan / ton, 450 yuan / ton higher than last week’s price; Hebei Huafeng high temperature coal tar auction, the final transaction price of 3675 yuan / ton, cash factory, 260 yuan / ton higher than last week. In April, the cumulative increase of coal tar in Shandong and Hebei was 213 yuan / ton and 315 yuan / ton respectively, while that in Shanxi was 635 yuan / ton.

Manufacturers: at present, the overall construction of the carbon black industry is fairly good. After the implementation of orders in April, the inventory of carbon black manufacturers has been digested obviously. Recently, due to the impact of environmental protection, some carbon black manufacturers have stopped temporarily. At present, due to the superposition of factors such as goods preparation before May Day, bullish purchasing in the later period, and maintenance of carbon black manufacturers, the supply and demand situation of carbon black market has changed significantly, and some enterprises are in short stock. According to the feedback from the industry, the price of a large carbon black factory in Hongdong, Shanxi has increased by 100 yuan. At present, vehicles are queuing up for goods, and there is no stock; A carbon black plant in Hejin, Shanxi, was out of stock yesterday; A carbon black factory in Qingxu County, Shanxi Province was out of stock yesterday; The current inventory of a carbon black plant in Jishan, Shanxi is low; The inventory of a carbon black factory in Shahe, Hebei Province is low; The inventory of a carbon black factory in Dezhou, Shandong Province is low; It is reported that the four lines of Jining factory, a large domestic carbon black enterprise, have been overhauled for 10-12 days, and the commonly used brands have been out of stock.

Downstream: this week, the tire industry started a slight decline, but the overall still high, higher than the same period; The semi steel tire market continued to be stable, the goods delivery of all steel tire was not smooth, and the inventory increased; Tricycle tire performance is flat, carbon black is purchased on demand. Other products, color masterbatch and other industries showed mediocre performance. In the early stage, they were on the lookout for the trend of carbon black, and the inventory of most enterprises was at the lowest limit. This week, the supply of carbon black market was delayed, especially before the festival, the market fluctuated, and some brand businesses scrambled for goods. In the early stage, they were on the lookout for the market, and the enterprises were slightly passive in preparing goods.