The price of cryolite decreased slightly on April 29

On April 29, the cryolite commodity index was 77.73, down 0.61 points from yesterday, down 23.20% from 101.21 points (2011-10-31), the highest point in the cycle, and up 17.15% from 66.35 points, the lowest point on September 5, 2016( Note: period refers to the period from September 1, 2011 to now

The market price of cryolite in Henan was down, with an average price of 6400 yuan / ton on the 29th, the same as the price at the beginning of the month, according to the data from the business news agency. At present, the ex factory price of cryolite in Henan Province is 6300-6500 yuan / ton, and that in Shandong Province is 6000-6800 yuan / ton. The plant in the factory is in normal operation, and the inventory is acceptable. Most of the downstream products are purchased on demand, and there is no obvious fluctuation in the market.

In terms of downstream aluminum industry, the recent market is relatively strong and upward, aluminum supply is limited, consumption has improved seasonally, social inventory has decreased, supply gap has gradually expanded, and the future market continues to improve. As of the 29th, the average price of aluminum market in East China was 18740.00 yuan / ton.

Analysts of cryolite products from business society believe that: at present, the supply of cryolite market is slightly tightened, the demand is stable, and the downstream market trend continues to rise, which effectively supports the cryolite industry. The manufacturers’ mentality is mainly wait-and-see. In the later stage, the cryolite market may be temporarily stabilized, and the specific attention to market demand.