Phosphoric acid market price rose steadily in April

1、 Price trend

According to the bulk data list of business agencies, the average domestic phosphoric acid price on April 28 was 5283.33 yuan / ton, up 1.93% compared with the price of 5183.33 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month, an increase of 1.93%, up 4.97% compared with the same period last year.

2、 Market analysis

Phosphoric acid market rose slightly in April, with an increase of about 2%. In the first ten days, the phosphoric acid market was relatively stable. Since the middle of the year, the price began to rise slightly, and after the increase, it remained stable. The market reaction was observed. Taking wengfuda as an example, the price rose 100 yuan / ton in the month, with little fluctuation. The manufacturers mostly shipped with stable price psychology. The rise of phosphoric acid Market in this month mainly due to the continuous preparation of raw materials in yellow phosphorus Market before the festival, spot tension and price rise in the market, driving the trend of phosphoric acid price. However, the demand has not improved significantly. Near May 1 holiday, the downstream pre-festival stock has basically ended, with few new orders and stable market. According to the monitoring of business agency, as of April 28, the price of Sichuan Province is 4900-5650 yuan / ton, that of Yunnan is about 5200 yuan / ton, that of Beijing is about 4800 yuan / ton, that of Hubei is about 5200-5500 yuan / ton, Tianjin is about 5900 yuan / ton, Hebei is about 5500 yuan / ton, and Guangxi region is 5200-5320 yuan / ton, In April, phosphoric acid prices rose steadily in various regions.

region product Specifications date Price (yuan / ton)

Sichuan phosphoric acid Content: 85% industrial grade April 28th 4900-5650

Hubei Province phosphoric acid Content: 85% industrial grade April 28th 5200-5500

Yunnan phosphoric acid Content: 85% industrial grade April 28th 5000-5200

Guangxi phosphoric acid Content: 85% industrial grade April 28th 5200-5320

Beijing Tianjin area phosphoric acid Content: 85% industrial grade April 28th 4800-5900

Phosphate rock, April 28, the reference price of phosphate rock is 480.00, up 7.46% compared with April 1 (446.67). Near labor day, downstream market or will usher in pre Festival stock up. Market investment atmosphere is good to support the positive attitude of the industry. Therefore, analysts of phosphorus ore in business society believe that the market price of phosphorus ore will be strong and high in the near future, supported by pre saving stock, Prices in individual regions are expected to continue to be explored.

Yellow phosphorus, April 28, yellow phosphorus reference price is 17733.33, up 4.93% compared with April 1 (16900.00). Due to environmental factors, Yunnan factory parking, yellow phosphorus spot is relatively tight, combined with downstream pre-saving goods, the price on site rose, and the new order transaction price is higher. It is expected that the price of yellow phosphorus will be stable and upward in the short term.

The downstream ammonium phosphate, currently the raw material of monoammonium phosphate is still at a high level, and the downstream goods are generally transported. The domestic rate of construction of diammonium phosphate is low and the demand is insufficient. It is expected that the market of monoammonium phosphate will be stable or there is room for rise in the short term. The main reason is that the ammonium phosphate will continue to be stabilized and the price will not fluctuate too much.

3、 Post market forecast

Phosphoric acid analysts of the chemical branch of business society believe that the price of yellow phosphorus of raw materials continued to rise in April, driving the price trend of phosphoric acid market, but the demand side was not enough. The downstream pre-festival stock was basically closed, with few new orders and stable short-term market.