Operation of ethanol market

In recent years, the domestic ethanol market is mainly reorganized, and the market performance of each region is different. According to the sample data monitored by the business agency, as of February 22, the domestic ethanol market price was 7225 yuan / ton, with a month on month drop of 1.20% and a year-on-year rise of 23.29%.


In terms of regional market, the market in Henan is stable; the market in Northeast China is up, and the downstream is purchased on demand; the market in Anhui is stable; the ethanol market in East China and Shandong is weak. The results show that the ethanol market in Guangdong is up; the molasses ethanol market in Guangxi is high; the molasses ethanol market in Yunnan is stable. The corn ethanol market in Sichuan is high, and the downstream is purchased on demand.


From the perspective of raw material corn, corn prices fluctuated locally. The Spring Festival holiday atmosphere has gradually faded, the market purchase and sales have gradually recovered, and the stock replenishment market continues to support the high spot price, but the probability of a sharp rise is relatively low. As the tight domestic corn supply situation remains unchanged, with the end of the Spring Festival holiday and the resumption of work and production, it is expected that the corn price will continue to maintain stability in the middle and late ten days.


Latest price trends of ethanol market in different regions:


Region, category, price

Shandong Province ﹣ general grade ﹣ 7150 yuan / ton

Shandong Province ﹣ excellent grade ﹣ 7600-7800 yuan / ton

Shandong Province: 7900-8000 yuan / ton

In southern Jiangsu Province, the average price is 7300-7350 yuan / ton

In the south of Jiangsu Province, ﹣ 7350-7450 yuan / ton

In Northern Jiangsu Province, the average price is 6950 yuan / ton

About 7300-7350 yuan / ton of corn in Anhui Province

About 7100-7200 yuan / ton of cassava in Anhui Province

In Anhui Province, the price is about 8150-8200 yuan / ton

Henan Province ﹣ excellent grade ﹣ 7070-7100 yuan / ton, tax included

Anhydrous ethanol in Henan Province: 7900-8000 yuan / ton, tax included

Hebei Province: 7450-7500 yuan / ton

In Hebei area, the coal quality is less than 7600 yuan / ton

In Guangxi, the consumption of honey alcohol is 7250-7300 yuan / ton

Cassava alcohol in Guangxi is 6900-7150 yuan / ton

Guangxi region: anhydrous ethanol: 7800 yuan / ton

About 7000-7400 yuan / ton of cassava alcohol in Guangdong

There are about 8100-8150 anhydrous cassava ethanol in Guangdong Province

In Heilongjiang Province, the general grade of corn alcohol is 6500-6600 yuan / ton, including tax

Jilin Province ﹣ 6650 yuan / ton of ordinary alcohol, tax included

About 7600-7700 yuan / ton of corn alcohol in Sichuan, including tax

About 6700-6800 yuan / ton of molasses alcohol in Yunnan

About 6800-6900 yuan / ton of cassava alcohol in Yunnan

In some areas, the price is weakening and waiting for downstream consumption. At present, the market is waiting for big factories to bid, logistics has resumed work, and the price is weakening because of more cars and less work. Business community ethanol analysts expect that in the short term, the domestic ethanol market will be dominated by consolidation.