Events of plastic industry in 2020

(1) The key raw material of mask is in short supply. Sinopec has 10 melt blown fabric production lines


Sinopec announced on February 25 that in view of the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control in China and the shortage of core raw materials for masks, the Party group of Sinopec decided to take advantage of its own raw material production advantages to immediately organize the supply of goods and quickly build 10 meltblown cloth production lines. Meltblown cloth is the “heart” of mask. It is used as the filter layer in the middle of medical mask. It has good filtration, barrier, heat preservation and adsorption properties. Under the huge demand of mask production, the market of melt blown cloth is hard to find one cloth, and the price rises sharply.


(2) Prevention and control of sudden increase in material demand


April 10, PP polypropylene futures rose sharply, 05 contract trading closed. Polypropylene (PP) spot market on April 1-10 after a small shock, PP spot stable, since 6 rapid rise, this ten days or 11.45%, week or as high as 14.36%.


The sales branch of China Shenhua coal to liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd. and China coal chemical (Tianjin) Chemical Sales Co., Ltd. issued the statement on the 10th, both of which explained the use of the two brands of fiber materials produced and sold by their companies, and did not guarantee that the products were used in special fields, and did not take responsibility. They called on the customers to use the products correctly and make joint efforts to fight against the epidemic My own efforts and contributions.


(3) ABS of helmet material rose strongly under the influence of “one helmet one belt”


Affected by the “one helmet one belt”, the domestic ABS market was strong in May, with a strong rising momentum in the middle of the month. According to the data of business news agency, on May 18, it rose by 3.59% in a single day, and domestic businesses made two offers in one day. After that, the market continued to rise. On the 19th, all brands rose by 300-700 yuan. On the 20th, the average price was about 11950 yuan / ton, up 7.71% in three days. The Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security deployed to carry out the “one helmet one belt” security guard operation nationwide, and the relevant regulations were implemented in June or July one after another. To stimulate the helmet price to go up all the way, the electric vehicle helmet has become a hot product online and offline. As the main raw material of helmets, the demand of ABS is concentrated in a short time, which is good for the domestic ABS market. In May, the operating rate of domestic ABS petrochemical plants was almost full load operation, and the operating rate of the industry was nearly 98%. The existing inventory has basically dropped to the average low level, the atmosphere of speculation has been maintained in the market, the merchants mainly deliver goods at a high level, and the downstream factories are more cautious in preparing goods.

PVA 2088 (PVA BP20)


(4) Qilu Petrochemical successfully developed new products of special materials for non-woven fabrics


In May, Qilu Petrochemical successfully developed and produced 2445 tons of pph-y30 powder. The product is a special material for the production of mask non-woven fabrics, and a high value-added product specially developed for customers by the company. It has become a new growth point of efficiency and helps to tackle difficulties and create efficiency in a hundred days.


(5) McDonald’s China to phase out plastic straws


On June 30, McDonald’s China announced that it would further reduce plastic on food packaging and phase out plastic straws. The initiative will be implemented in nearly 1000 restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Consumers can drink cola and other non solid cold drinks directly through the new cup cover.


(6) Huazhong’s first single liquid bag packaging VAE successfully exported


On July 30, the container loaded with 20 tons of liquid bag VAE successfully completed the export customs clearance at Qinzhou port of Guangxi and was sent to Malaysia, marking the first successful export of SVW chemical VAE products packed in liquid bags. Compared with the previous plastic bucket packaging export, VAE using liquid bag packaging can save about $100 per ton of packaging cost. At the same time, the loading capacity of 20 foot container increases from 16 tons to 20 tons, and the loading rate increases by 25%. This logistics optimization measure has laid a solid foundation for the products to be sold in the international market.


(7) Dushanzi Petrochemical’s new take away lunch box product has been successfully put into trial production


On August 3, the hp60 analysis indexes of 449.7 tons of new polypropylene produced by Dushanzi Petrochemical Company were all qualified, meeting the technical quality requirements of the products. Hp60 is a kind of thin-walled injection plastic with high melt index, which is a special material for disposable lunch boxes. At present, the takeaway lunch box market is relatively good. The melting point of the material for making lunch boxes – high melting point refers to thin-walled injection molded polypropylene is 175 degrees Celsius, which can resist hot water boiling and disinfection. Even when it is not subject to external force, its products will not deform below 150 degrees Celsius, so it is favored by food packaging manufacturers. Dushanzi Petrochemical Company keeps a close eye on the market. In view of the high melting finger characteristics of hp60, the workshop has formulated the operation control scheme of extrusion production hp60 process in advance. On July 28, the new hp60 polypropylene product produced in the second polyolefin workshop was successfully put into trial production.


(8) PE: regional imbalance of supply and demand price returns to ten thousand Yuan era


From August 30 to September 4, the high-voltage market increased the ex factory price substantially due to the tight supply of imported goods due to more maintenance of domestic devices and the inability of imported goods to unload at the port. According to the data monitoring of business agency, LDPE on August 30 The average price of 2426h in East China was 9325.00 yuan / ton, and 10387.50 yuan / ton on September 4, up 11.39% in the week, ushering in the peak since 2020, returning to the era of 10000 yuan, leading the LLDPE and HDPE market upward.


(9) New varieties added to Sinopec’s biodegradable plastics production


On November 9, it was learned from the Information Office of Sinopec that Sinopec Yizheng Chemical fiber has successfully realized the industrial production of biodegradable plastic PBSA. The biodegradation rate of the product is more than 90% in 180 days under composting conditions, which will strongly promote the green development process of China’s engineering plastics field.


PBSA is the third kind of biodegradable plastics of Yizheng Chemical fiber this year. Like PBST and PBAT, which were industrialized in May, PBSA is a kind of degradable material which is very active in the research of biodegradable plastics and widely used in the market. It can be used in the production of disposable daily necessities, packaging materials and agricultural films. At the same time, PBSA can also be widely used in 3D printing wire, medical materials and other fields because of its low melting point, fast crystallization and high fluidity.


(10) Annual output of polypropylene plant of Hainan Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. reached a record high


On the morning of December 31, a good news came from the inventory of polypropylene finished product warehouse. The annual output of polypropylene plant exceeded 240000 tons, creating the best performance since it was put into operation in 2005. Annual output, propylene unit consumption, comprehensive energy consumption, catalyst unit consumption and other economic indicators lead the domestic advanced level of similar devices.