The demand side and the cost side are weak, and the ABS price is weak (3.1-3.13)

1、 Price trend:


According to the data of the bulk list of business agencies, the domestic ABS market weakened in the first half of March, and the spot price in the market mostly decreased. As of Friday, March 13, the main offer price of general-purpose ABS was around 12150.00 yuan / ton, down 4.71% from the average price at the beginning of the month.


2、 Analysis of influencing factors:


PVA 2088 (PVA BP20)

Industry chain: ABS upstream, Styrene Market in the second week of March is weak. Last week, affected by the bad news of crude oil and chemical industry, domestic styrene prices fell in response until Friday’s decline narrowed. At present, the market supply is good, and the port inventory has increased. The return rate of downstream factories is lower than the normal level before the festival, and the demand is still low. Business bearish mentality is heavier, with the market shipments. The deadlock between supply and demand is hard to break, and the market lacks strong support. It is expected that styrene will continue to operate in a weak way in the near future;


Influenced by the news of international crude oil falling price for many times, it has obvious negative effect on acrylonitrile. The rate of return to work in the lower reaches is lower than that before the festival, which needs to be further recovered. At present, the market is lack of positive boost, and the operators are confused. The downstream factories just need to take a small amount of goods and take a wait-and-see attitude. It is expected that the market of acrylonitrile will not improve in the near future;



The domestic butadiene market news is limited. At present, the domestic butadiene market price has been in a low position. Most traders think that short-term prices are difficult to fluctuate. At present, the sharp drop in international crude oil price is similar to the “great storm” in the market, while the butadiene market is still “stable” like the reef on the sea floor, which is actually caused by the sharp drop in the price in the early stage and still reaching the bottom. At present, the downstream inquiry intention is not high, the operator’s attitude is cautious, the market atmosphere is weak, and the market offer is narrow. It is expected that the domestic butadiene market will continue its weak trend in the short term;


3、 Future forecast:


Business analysts believe that: in the first half of March, the ABS market fell, and the decline of various brands of spot products has been reduced. The cost side of the upstream three expect this month’s trend is not flat, generally weak, poor support for the cost side. At present, the spot supply of ABS is relatively sufficient, but the downstream demand is weak, the market inquiry atmosphere is cold, and the trading is light. Business mentality is affected, there are more low price single situation. It is expected that domestic ABS prices will continue to weaken in the near future.