Lack of support from the market demand side; trading volume of potassium sulphate is cold

I. price trend

II. Market analysis


Potassium sulfate domestic sales new single follow-up weak, downstream compound fertilizer demand pull poor, the industry to be cautious. The price advantage of resource-based and water salt potassium sulfate is that the shipment is relatively good in the implementation of the previous single volume to be shipped. The amount of potassium sulphate in Mannheim is average, and the atmosphere of bargain preference is strong. The low-end prices in the northern market have emerged, and the price war has gradually started. On the one hand, the demand is not strong, and it seems that it is difficult to improve, while the manufacturer’s inventory is already high, on the other hand, the potassium chloride is bearish, and the by-product market is much better, and the cost provides space. The third key is that some advantageous manufacturers continue to receive orders at low prices, so the price of Mannheim potassium sulfate accelerated the decline.

III. future forecast

Potassium sulphate analysts of the business association think: the upstream potassium chloride market has not improved, the downstream demand is not strong, and the price of potassium sulphate will continue to maintain a low in the future.