Light market trading, formaldehyde market price down

I. price trend


According to the data of the commodity list of the business association, the formaldehyde Market in Shandong Province recently fell. On November 3, the average price of formaldehyde was 1140.00 yuan / ton, and on November 7, the average price of formaldehyde was 1096.67 yuan / ton, down 3.80%. The current price fell 28.90% year on year.


II. Market analysis


Products: the price of formaldehyde in the domestic market fell. As of the 7th, the main factory quotation in Hebei was about 1050 yuan / ton, the main factory quotation in South China was about 1200 yuan / ton, the main factory quotation in Shandong was 1070 yuan / ton, and the main factory quotation in Jiangsu was 1300 yuan / ton. The annual output of 120000 tons formaldehyde plant in Linyi Yinhe, Shandong Province has been restarted, with the formaldehyde content of 36.7-37%. Linyi Jinyuan Chemical has two formaldehyde production lines with an annual production capacity of 80000 tons and formaldehyde content of 37%. The plant has been restarted. Formaldehyde plant restart more, formaldehyde market stock up, formaldehyde Market Trading atmosphere is cold, prices all the way down.



Industry chain: methanol in the upstream has different performance, with the rise and fall reflected. In terms of the mainland market, at present, the local market is weak, the downstream receiving is relatively limited, and some manufacturers sell at a profit; however, the sales volume in Guanzhong area is limited, and the price moves down under the tight support of goods. The traders and manufacturers of Lianghu Lake turn to Anhui, and the price of Anhui rises after the decline. Some downstream markets have started construction, but the overall demand is still relatively weak, with limited support for formaldehyde. Formaldehyde prices are falling all the way.



III. future forecast


Recently, methanol in the upstream has been sorted in a narrow range, with little fluctuation in cost, light market trading and recovery in the downstream market. However, it still takes time to open up the demand market. Therefore, formaldehyde analysts of the chemical branch of the business society expect that the domestic formaldehyde price or consolidation will be the main trend in the near future.