Lithium hydroxide market price fell this week (10.28-11.1)

I. price trend of lithium hydroxide:


The average price of lithium hydroxide as of November 1 was 67666.67 yuan / ton, according to the data in the bulk list of business associations. The market price of lithium hydroxide fell, down 2.40% compared with that at the beginning of the week (October 28). In a three-month cycle, it fell 12.50% year-on-year.


II. Market analysis:



Product: the market price of lithium hydroxide fell this week. At present, the external quotation of industrial grade lithium hydroxide of Shanghai Yulun Industrial Co., Ltd. is 63000 yuan / ton, that of Shanghai oujin Industrial Co., Ltd. is 66000 yuan / ton, and that of Zigong tongfarong industrial grade lithium hydroxide is 74000 yuan / ton. The specific price will be discussed in a single way.


Industry chain: the upstream lithium carbonate market price fell (10.28-11.1) this week, up or down by – 1.12%. In October, the East China market of lithium carbonate continued to be under pressure, and the price still fell all the way without any positive trend.



Industry: according to the price monitoring of the business association, in the 43rd week of 2019 (10.28-11.1), there are 12 kinds of commodities rising month on month in the list of commodity prices in the chemical industry sector, among which there are two kinds of commodities rising by more than 5%, accounting for 2.4% of the number of commodities monitored in the sector; the top three commodities are dichloromethane (9.58%), sulfuric acid (6.98%) and aniline (4.24%). There are 40 commodities with a decline of 5% or more, accounting for 4.7% of the monitored commodities in the sector; the top three products with a decline are DMF (- 7.88%), butadiene (- 6.73%) and acrylic acid (- 5.88%). This week’s average was – 0.61%.


3. Future forecast:


According to analysts of lithium hydroxide of business association, the upstream lithium carbonate market is weak, and the cost is also weakened in the face of lithium hydroxide support. At present, the supply of goods is sufficient, the demand of downstream glass and lubrication industries of industrial grade lithium hydroxide is stable, and the willingness of manufacturers to ship is increasing. It is expected that the lithium hydroxide Market will be dominated by weak operation in the short term.