In October, the price of sodium metabisulfite kept stable

I. price trend of sodium pyrosulfite in China


According to the monitoring of the business association, the average price of industrial grade sodium metabisulfite on October 1 was 1861.68 yuan / ton, and on October 31 was 1861.67 yuan / ton. In October, the domestic price of sodium metabisulfite remained stable.


II. Market analysis



After the national day, the overall demand of the domestic sodium pyrosulfite market is still tepid. In October, the overall low price of the domestic sodium pyrosulfite market moved forward steadily. The price range of the industrial grade sodium pyrosulfite market is 1700-1950 yuan / ton, most of which are concentrated around 1800-1850 yuan / ton.


In October, the price of raw materials upstream of sodium metabisulfite rose slightly. Supported by the positive recovery of raw materials price, some enterprises raised their external quotation slightly after the festival. In general, at present, the domestic sodium metabisulfite market inventory is relatively sufficient, the downstream demand is less than expected, the mainstream transaction price has not been adjusted, the enterprise mainly completes the old order, and the new order increase is limited.



Industrial chain: in October, the price of soda ash in the upstream slightly increased by 2.11%, and the price of sulfur overall increased by 19.54%. The continuous recovery of raw material cost will support the market price of sodium metabisulfite in the future.


III. future forecast


According to analysts of business club, the raw material cost of sodium pyrosulfite continued to rise in October, with the support of cost, some enterprises raised their prices, but most enterprises kept their prices unchanged, and it is expected that the domestic market price of sodium pyrosulfite will slightly touch the bottom in November due to the role of cost transmission.