October 11 China’s domestic soda ash consolidation market

According to the survey data of the business community, the average price of domestic soda ash on October 11 was about 1,868.57 yuan / ton. The light soda ash commodity index on October 10 was 95.82, which was the same as yesterday, which was 18.70% lower than the highest point of 117.86 points (2017-11-21) in the cycle, which was 51.73% higher than the lowest point of 63.15 on November 18, 2015. . (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)


On October 11th, the domestic soda ash consolidation market was running. The price of soda ash in Hebei is temporarily stable. The price of light soda ash in the mainstream market is about 1750-1850 yuan/ton, and the weight of soda ash is 1850-1950 yuan/ton. The downstream is mainly based on demand, and it is expected that the price will be narrower in the later period. Quotes run. The price of soda ash in Henan is running smoothly. The price of light soda ash in the mainstream market is about 1800-1850 yuan/ton, and the weight of soda ash is 1850-1900 yuan/ton. The overall transaction price is more flexible. It is expected that the current trend will continue in the later period. The operating rate of the national soda ash industry is nearly 80%, and some manufacturers are nervous due to orders. At present, the inventory of soda ash producers remains low.

The soda analysts of the business community believe that the demand for downstream users in the National Day holiday is flat, the industry has a bullish mentality, and downstream users are holding a wait-and-see attitude toward soda ash. Soda ash manufacturers limited signing, plus individual manufacturers’ orders, the overall focus of user purchases has been raised. The new production lines in the glass industry have been put into production and increased demand. The Shahe area has closed down the production line due to environmental protection. The overall demand for soda ash industry in printing and dyeing is stable. The comprehensive situation is expected to be soda ash or flexible price adjustment, depending on the downstream market demand.