Supply and demand are gradually balancing, and the polyvinyl alcohol market is mainly stabilizing in the future

This week, the domestic price of polyvinyl alcohol remained stable and rose. As of April 23rd, the benchmark price of polyvinyl alcohol in Shengyishe was 12266.67 yuan/ton, an increase of 0.27% compared to last week (12233.00 yuan/ton). During the week, the polyvinyl alcohol market was mainly driven by first-time transactions, with average support for exports. Dealers often offered more discounts for shipments, and the cautious attitude of middle and downstream merchants remains.


Supply side:

This week, the market price of vinyl acetate fluctuated and fell. The current price of vinyl acetate raw material acetic acid continues to rise, and the price of acetic acid continues to rise. As of April 22, the benchmark price of acetic acid for Shengyishe was 3450.00 yuan/ton, an increase of 11.29% compared to the beginning of this month (3100.00 yuan/ton). In the past 10 days, it has increased by 6.15%, in 15 days it has increased by 10.40%, in 20 days it has increased by 11.29%, and in 30 days it has increased by 15.00%. The domestic market price of vinyl acetate remained stable during the week, with a price range of around 6343 yuan/ton.


The market price of calcium carbide is also stable. As of April 23, the benchmark price of calcium carbide in Shengyishe was 3000.00 yuan/ton, which is the same as the beginning of this month. Poor cost support; Mainstream manufacturers in East China have parked their equipment, and the market’s spot resources have decreased compared to before. However, downstream demand continues to decline, and downstream purchasing enthusiasm is poor. Actual market transactions are limited, and the market atmosphere is weak;


Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Industry Chain


On the demand side:

From the perspective of domestic demand for polyvinyl alcohol, polymerization additives, fabric slurries, adhesives, vinylon fibers, papermaking slurries and coatings, and building coatings products have weak consumption of raw materials. Enterprises mainly purchase on a per order basis, and the accumulation of raw material inventory is limited. Production is coming to an end, and the demand for raw materials is weakening. There is currently no good news for other terminal enterprises, and there is a slight room for concessions in the price of polyvinyl alcohol in the later stage.



Supply side support is positive, but there is still a strong sentiment of price support, with a focus on price protection, and the mentality of cargo holders is still acceptable. Downstream users will continue to purchase on demand, and it is expected that the price of polyvinyl alcohol will remain stable in recent market discussions.