Before the holiday, the transaction volume in the lithium carbonate market was light, with short-term stability being the main focus

According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of Business Society, industrial grade lithium carbonate and battery grade lithium carbonate remained stable this week. On February 6, 2024, the average domestic mixed price of industrial grade lithium carbonate was 91400 yuan/ton, which remained stable compared to the average price of 91400 yuan/ton on February 1. On February 6th, the average domestic mixed price of battery grade lithium carbonate was 100800 yuan/ton, which remained stable compared to the average price of 100800 yuan/ton on February 1st.


By observing market changes, it can be seen that this week is the last week before the Spring Festival holiday, and the price of lithium carbonate remains stable. In terms of supply, the current market continues to adopt a price boosting shipping strategy. A small number of lithium salt enterprises that purchase lithium mines have gradually reduced production and stopped production in the near future after experiencing long-term losses. Some large lithium salt factories will undergo routine seasonal maintenance during the Spring Festival period, and there is no inventory pressure in the short term. Therefore, the price of lithium carbonate remains stable.


In terms of demand, the willingness of downstream positive electrode enterprises to accept high prices of lithium carbonate is still low, and as the holiday season approaches, the market purchasing demand will gradually weaken. Downstream manufacturers have basically completed pre holiday stocking, and most small and medium-sized enterprises have stopped production since this week. In addition, logistics have been affected by weather and the Spring Festival, resulting in a trend of light trading volume. The entire market is showing a stable trend.


The lithium hydroxide market is mainly stable, and recently the industrial grade lithium carbonate market has been stable. Upstream spodumene concentrate prices are stable, with limited cost support. Some factories are operating at a low level, and downstream high nickel positive electrode pre holiday reserves are still following up. Market transactions are still mainly long-term contract orders.


The price of downstream lithium iron phosphate is stable, and the price of the main raw material lithium carbonate is temporarily stable. The price of iron phosphate is stable and weak, and the production cost of iron lithium materials is relatively stable. Lithium iron phosphate enterprises develop production plans based on received and expected orders, and some enterprises prepare sufficient inventory before holidays.


In terms of futures, on February 6, 2024, the opening price of the LC2407 main contract was 100450 yuan/ton, the highest price was 100650 yuan/ton, and the closing price was 97150 yuan/ton, with a daily decline of 3.38%. The transaction volume was 110900 lots and the position was 142239 lots.


According to analysts from Shengyishe Lithium Carbonate, the current market has entered the countdown to the Spring Festival holiday, and market quotations have remained stable. Whether prices can recover depends on post holiday market demand, and it is expected that the short-term spot price of lithium carbonate will remain stable.