Poor terminal demand and declining hydrogen peroxide market

According to monitoring data from Business Society, starting from November, bearish factors dominated the market, resulting in poor terminal demand and a significant decline in the market. On November 1st, the average market price of hydrogen peroxide was 1150 yuan/ton. On November 24th, the average market price of hydrogen peroxide was 900 yuan/ton, with a price drop of 21.74%.


Poor terminal demand, continuous decline in hydrogen peroxide market


Since November, the stock market in the terminal paper and printing industries has ended, with a decline in hydrogen peroxide orders and average market transactions. Hydrogen peroxide manufacturers have lowered their factory prices one after another, resulting in a significant drop in hydrogen peroxide prices. The market average price has dropped to 950 yuan/ton, with a daily drop of 200-300 yuan/ton, a drop of nearly 18%. As the end of the month approaches, the hydrogen peroxide market continues to decline, with the average market price dropping to 900 yuan/ton, a decrease of over 21%.


Li Bing, a chemical analyst at Business Society, believes that terminal demand is flat, and the market for hydrogen peroxide will continue to decline in the future.