The market situation of epichlorohydrin declined in May (5.1-5.30)

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of the Business Society, as of May 30th, the average price quoted by epichlorohydrin enterprises was 8875.00 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1.39% compared to May 1st.



The market price of epichlorohydrin fell slightly in May. In the first half of the month, the raw material propylene market was operating weakly, with slightly weaker support for the cost side of the propylene method. The price of raw material glycerol was stable, and there was some support for the cost side of the glycerol method. The industry’s capacity utilization rate slightly declined, and supply side support was still acceptable. However, the demand side follow-up was limited, and inventory of raw materials was consumed in the downstream. The main focus of the market was to replenish goods on dips and demand. The trading atmosphere in the market was light, and the focus of discussions on epichlorohydrin was narrow and downward. In the second half of the month, the price of raw material propylene fluctuated narrowly, while the price of glycerol remained stable. There was some support on the cost side, while the supply and demand side was average. Enterprises mainly delivered orders, but the market remained stagnant and narrow in scope. As the price of raw material propylene decreased, the cost side support for propylene method weakened, and glycerol prices remained stable and stable. The cost pressure for glycerol method remained, and the industry’s capacity utilization rate increased compared to the previous period. The demand side was sluggish, and manufacturers were under pressure to ship, resulting in insufficient mentality among operators, The market is operating in a weak state, with narrow range consolidation of enterprise quotations and mixed ups and downs. As the end of the month approaches, the overall market for epichlorohydrin is operating in a light manner.


From the upstream and downstream perspectives, the reference price of upstream propylene was 6470.75 on May 29th, a decrease of 8.25% compared to May 1st (7052.60). Downstream epoxy resin, on May 29th, the reference price of epoxy resin was 14100.00, a decrease of 3.64% compared to May 1st (14633.33).


Analysts from Business Society’s epichlorohydrin believe that the current price of raw material propylene has slightly increased, with limited cost support and weak demand support. The market trading atmosphere is flat, and it is expected that the epichlorohydrin market may be weak in the short term. More attention should be paid to market news guidance.