Enquiries increase, activated carbon prices slightly increase

According to the monitoring of the Business News Agency, the price of activated carbon at the beginning of this week was 10533 yuan/ton, while the price of activated carbon at the weekend was 10633 yuan/ton, with a price increase of 0.95%.


The factory price of domestic activated carbon for coconut shell water purification is between 9600-12500 yuan/ton, with an increase in market inquiries. Domestic coal based activated carbon production enterprises operate normally, with a relatively high spot supply compared to the annual average level, and a moderate enthusiasm for shipment.


Active carbon has a rich source of raw materials, including coal, sawdust, fruit shells, straw, etc. Through a series of processes to prepare activated carbon suitable for water treatment, active carbon manufacturers are also continuously improving the performance of activated carbon, increasing its working capacity, and effectively adsorbing and purifying wastewater.


Prediction: The transaction in the activated carbon market is active and fair, and the trading atmosphere on the floor has warmed. It is expected that the price of activated carbon will mainly fluctuate in a narrow range in the short term.