Demand continues to be weak and electrolytic manganese is weak (March 3 to March 10)

This week (March 3 to March 10), the market price of 1 # electrolytic manganese was temporarily stable, and the market atmosphere was weak. The spot market price in East China was 16850 yuan/ton at the end of last week and 16850 yuan/ton at the end of this week, temporarily stable.


In terms of manganese ore: the overall market performance is weak, and the manufacturers’ intention to lower prices continues to ferment. The transaction price of Tianjin Port manganese ore fell by about 0.5 yuan/tonne, Australia’s 46.5 yuan/tonne, Gabon’s 42.5 yuan/tonne, and South Africa’s semi-carbonic acid’s 34 yuan/tonne. Qinzhou Port saw a slight decline, with Australian dollar of 46.8 yuan/ton, Gabon of 42.8 yuan/ton, and South Africa’s semi-carbonic acid of 36 yuan/ton. The external quotation of imported manganese ore has declined, the mining enthusiasm of downstream manufacturers is weak, the inventory of manganese ore in the port has gradually accumulated, and the transaction price has continued to decline slightly. However, at present, the freight of individual minerals has increased, and the exchange rate has risen, and the cost of manganese ore has been supported. It is expected that the overall price attitude of the miners will not decrease in the short term.



The commodity price K-bar chart uses the concept of price trend K-line to reflect the weekly or monthly price changes in the form of bar chart. Investors can buy and sell investments according to the changes in the K-bar chart. Red indicates: rising; Green means: down; The height of the K column indicates the range of rise and fall. From the above weekly and monthly electrolytic manganese K-bar chart, it can be seen that since March 2022, the electrolytic manganese has continued to decline, the price has continued to stabilize after a slight rise at the end of August, the price has recovered slightly since the end of September, the price has remained stable for a long time since October, the price has fluctuated slightly in November, the price has decreased slightly after December, and the price has continued to decline slightly after the temporary stability in January.


European strategic small metal manganese price this week (unit: USD/ton)


Variety/ March 3/ March 10/ Up and down

European small metal antimony/ 2500./2450./-50

The price of European strategic small metal manganese was slightly reduced to 2450 US dollars/ton on March 10, with a reduction of 50 US dollars/ton. The recent market negotiation atmosphere was limited, and the wait-and-see sentiment was strong, and the price fell slightly.


The market price of electrolytic manganese was basically stable this week, and the market atmosphere continued to maintain a weak trend. The market price was 15100-15300 yuan/ton. In terms of commencement, this week is basically the same as the previous period. Although the price of some raw materials has risen and the cost of electrolytic manganese has increased slightly, the profit of the enterprise is still fair, the overall commencement is normal, and the supply is flat compared with the previous period. In terms of demand, the recent situation of steel bidding is general, the market trading is not active, the downstream purchasing intention is always low, and the smelter is actively shipping. In general, the overall weak trend of the electrolytic manganese market is basically the same as that of the previous period. Under the environment of weak demand, it is expected that the follow-up market will continue to maintain stable, moderate and weak operation, and the market will wait for more guidance of steel bidding.


This week, the spot market for silicon and manganese was consolidated and operated. The market quotation was slightly looser than that of last week. The market sentiment returned to rationality. The price of steel bidding basically met expectations. The market activity in the first half of the week was poor. After the price of mainstream steel bidding was finalized on Sunday, the market inquiry atmosphere gradually improved. According to the price monitoring of the Business Agency, the market price of silicon manganese in Ningxia (specification: FeMN68Si18) was around 7200-7300 yuan/ton on February 10, down 50 yuan/ton from last week.


Relevant data:


Customs data showed that the total import volume of unwrought manganese, manganese scrap and powder in December 2022 was about 5003.818 tons, down about 16.6% month on month and up 47.85% year on year. In December 2022, the total export volume of unwrought manganese, manganese scrap and powder was about 24929.7 tons, down about 2.28% month-on-month and 28.56% at the same time.