The market of dimethyl carbonate fell after the holiday (1.29-2.07)

According to the monitoring data of the Business News Agency, as of February 7, 2023, the average ex-factory price of domestic industrial grade dimethyl carbonate was 4666 yuan/ton. Compared with January 29, 2023 (the reference price of dimethyl carbonate was 4900 yuan/ton), the price was reduced by 234 yuan/ton, or 4.76%.



It can be seen from the data monitoring chart of the business agency that after the Spring Festival in 2023, the domestic dimethyl carbonate market as a whole was in a weak decline. After the festival, the downstream demand of domestic dimethyl carbonate was released slowly, and the on-site inventory was accumulated. Some of the dimethyl carbonate manufacturers sold their products at a profit. Two days after the festival, the focus of the dimethyl carbonate market was on the downward movement, and then the overall market was weak. As of February 7, the domestic market price of dimethyl carbonate was around 4500-5000 yuan/ton.


Future trend analysis


At present, the overall supply of the domestic dimethyl carbonate market has increased, and the intra-field trading atmosphere is general, waiting for the gradual release of downstream demand. The dimethyl carbonate data analyst of the business agency believes that in the short term, the domestic dimethyl carbonate market price will mostly adjust and operate in a narrow range, and the specific trend needs to pay more attention to the changes in the supply and demand information.