Strong supplier support, TDI market rose strongly in September

According to the bulk list data of business cooperatives, the domestic TDI price trend continued to rise in September. The average TDI market price at the beginning of the month was 17575 yuan/ton, and the average TDI price at the end of the month was 19600 yuan/ton. It rose 2025 yuan/ton in the month, an overall increase of 11.52%. As of September 29, the delivery of domestic goods with tickets is around 19700-19900 yuan/ton, and that of Shanghai goods with tickets is around 19900-20100 yuan/ton.



In September, the TDI market ran strongly, and prices rose widely in the month. At the beginning of the month, the trend of TDI continued to rise in August. The overseas supply was tight, and the market demand was strong. In addition, the domestic downstream demand was weak, and the deals were mostly purchased on demand. The focus of factory delivery shifted to the overseas market, and the domestic supply was limited. The market supply was tight, and the holders were reluctant to sell, and the TDI price rose at a high level; The factory was closed in the middle of the year, orders were not received in the late of the year, and maintenance plans were released. The suppliers were very price conscious, and the TDI market continued to rise; At the end of the month, the listed price of large factories in October was announced to rise, which again boosted the market mentality, and the TDI price rose.


The upstream toluene market was shocked and lowered, with the price at the end of the month at 7700 yuan/ton, 30 yuan/ton lower than the price at the beginning of the month at 7730 yuan/ton, an overall drop of 0.39%. The price trend rose in the first ten days, the supply of toluene was tight, in addition, the gasoline rose actively in the peak season, the demand support remained, and the toluene market was operating at a high price; In the middle of the year, due to the impact of public health events in many places, the logistics and transportation are limited, the gasoline market is weak, the toluene market is light in trading and trading, and the price trend is downward; In the last ten days, the market rose first and then fell. Crude oil rebounded and gasoline rose slightly, which was good for the toluene market. However, the negotiations on the floor were weak. In addition, the price of toluene in East China was lowered by Sinopec.


According to the TDI data analyst of the business agency, many factories in China are limited in supply. The TDI market is tight in supply, and the supplier has a strong sentiment of price fixing. Although the downstream demand is weak, the replenishment sentiment before the festival is not good. From the perspective of supply and demand performance, the supplier still plays a leading role. The spot goods on the market are tight, and the goods holders are reluctant to sell. In addition to the guidance of the factory news, the TDI price rises strongly before the festival. It is expected that the TDI market will settle at a high level, and the price range will fluctuate, Pay special attention to the downstream follow-up.