The market situation of cyclohexanone is sorted out and wait-and-see

According to the monitoring data of the business community, from September 9 to 16, the average price of domestic cyclohexanone market rose from 9740 yuan/ton to 9760 yuan/ton, up 0.21% in the week, and the price remained stable month on month, down 23.63% year on year.



This week, the domestic cyclohexanone market was reorganized after rising, mainly in shock. The raw material pure benzene is slightly favorable. The downstream chemical fiber steel needs to be purchased. There is no obvious pressure on cyclohexanone for the time being. The manufacturer’s low price is reduced, and the transaction atmosphere is general.


Summary of domestic cyclohexanone market as of September 16:


Region, price

In East China, 9700-9900 yuan/ton is sent by spot exchange

In South China, 9950-10050 yuan/ton of spot exchange will be sent to

In Shandong Province, 9500-9600 yuan/ton in cash

Raw material pure benzene: the price of domestic pure benzene market rose and fell, and spot transactions were active. However, the demander has obvious resistance to the high price, and the styrene market has declined, and the high price of East China pure benzene market has fallen back.


Downstream caprolactam: caprolactam is coiled and operated. At present, the spot price of caprolactam in China is firm, but the downstream PA6 chip market sales are weak, and some prices have declined. The atmosphere of raw material procurement in polymerization plants is cautious, and the high price caprolactam lacks follow-up.


Pure benzene fluctuated at a high level, the cost support was stable, the pressure of cyclohexanone plant remained unchanged, and the supply and demand of cyclohexanone were weak. The cyclohexanone analysts of the business community expected that the short-term cyclohexanone market would be mainly stable.