Early market forecast of domestic acetone market on August 3

Acetone offers in major mainstream markets in China on the previous trading day are as follows:



Region, quotation, rise and fall range

East China, 4820, -50

Shandong Province, 5000, -50

Yanshan area, 5000, -50

South China. 5050, 0


International crude oil fell sharply, there were many negative factors in the peripheral environment, and the domestic acetone market as a whole fell slightly by 50 yuan / ton. Crude oil fell, and the wait-and-see mood of petrochemical products on the floor increased. The bearers’ pressured offer fell, the shipping intention increased, and the actual order made profits. Yesterday, there were few terminal inquiries, which was also an important reason for the decline of the market.


Pure benzene, the raw material, continued to decline. The transaction volume was generally 8600 yuan / ton for the mainstream candidates in East China, and there was more bearish in Shandong and other regions. Related products also showed a downward trend, with light trading on the floor.


Although some factories stopped for maintenance, there was sufficient supply, crude oil fell sharply, and the acetone market was expected to be 4800 yuan / ton today under the influence of the bad external environment.