The cost is bad, and the MIBK market continues to be cold

The domestic MIBK market is cold and hard to change. In the early stage, when raw materials continue to rise, the cost side is high. The MIBK market is in a stalemate. This week, the support from the raw material side is weakened, and the market is in a depressed state. The reference price for East China negotiation is 11500-11600 yuan / ton. According to the monitoring data of the business club, the market offer in East China was 11833 yuan / ton on June 10, and 11600 yuan / ton on June 17, a decrease of 1.97% in the week.


The focus of raw acetone market was downward, reaching 5900 yuan / ton through negotiation at the end of the weekend. During the week, the on-site trading was tepid, and the purchasing power of terminal factories was insufficient. In addition, the original continuous decline, the support from the upstream weakened, and the market fell significantly. However, after the market drops to 5850, the terminal may have the intention of low-cost inventory.


Trend chart of average acetone price in East China market



The terminal demand is general, and the downstream orders are mainly for rigid demand. The short-term demand changes are limited, and it is difficult to make major changes in the project cost. The carrier’s operating enthusiasm is general, and the attitude is mainly wait-and-see.


The business agency predicts that the MIBK market will run in shock next week. The fluctuation of raw acetone is limited, and the cost is difficult to change in the short term. At present, the downstream is dominated by rigid demand, which is difficult to fluctuate greatly. The goods holders follow the market and have little enthusiasm for operation