On January 13, the price of magnesium was intended to stop falling and stabilize

Market analysis


According to the data monitoring of business agency, 99.9% of the factory price including tax in mainstream areas was 48000 yuan / ton on the 13th, down 5.57% from the beginning of the week.


In the early stage, affected by environmental protection policies, the price rise led to more cautious orders from downstream users. In the past three days, the operation of magnesium city was chaotic and there were signs of correction. The overall spot on the supply side remained low. Considering that the factory inventory and capital pressure were small, many traders had a strong willingness to stabilize prices.


However, this morning, shenmulan charcoal group issued a notice on the price increase of orchid charcoal. Due to the recent rise in coal prices, environmental protection inspectors and the closure and rectification of some enterprises, the total operating rate of orchid charcoal is less than 60%. From 0:00 on January 16, the factory tax included Guide price of orchid charcoal is reported as 1850 yuan / ton. The market is worried about the production of blue carbon in Shaanxi and has certain expectations for the rising cost of magnesium ingots. It is not ruled out that the price of magnesium ingots will rise in the future.


Future forecast


On the whole, the price of magnesium ingots is high in the short term. We will wait and see the follow-up of future transactions and policy news.