On January 10, the domestic urea price increased by 1.31%

Trade name: urea


Latest price (January 10): 2628.00 yuan / ton


On January 10, the comprehensive price of domestic urea rose slightly, up 34.00 yuan / ton or 1.31% compared with the price on January 7, and 43.09% compared with the same period last year. Upstream coal and natural gas prices rose slightly, and cost support increased. From the perspective of demand: the promotion of agricultural demand is accelerated, and industrial demand is mainly wait-and-see. Agricultural fertilizer preparation began to increase in some areas, and the bidding for summer pipe fertilizer was implemented, which boosted market confidence in Pakistan’s export. The market price of melamine was adjusted at a low level, the inventory of enterprises was under pressure, and the focus of market negotiation was weakened. In terms of supply, Ruixing phase III unit was shut down for maintenance, mingshengda unit was shut down for a short time, and the daily output of urea decreased slightly. On the whole, urea cost support was strengthened, downstream demand improved, urea supply was insufficient, and urea increased slightly in the future.


In the future, the ex factory price of urea in Shandong is expected to rise slightly, and the average price quoted by manufacturers is about 2650 yuan / ton.