MIBK market price fell broadly this week (11.26-12.2)

This week, the domestic MIBK market declined broadly, and the market reference offer in East China decreased greatly at 15000-15300 yuan / ton. According to the monitoring data of business society, the market offer was 17000-17500 yuan / ton on November 26, 15000-15300 yuan / ton on December 2, and the market declined by 2000 yuan / ton, and there is still room for discussion.

PVA 0588 ( PVA BP05)

From the raw material side, the domestic acetone market fell significantly this week. On Thursday, the mainstream factories in East China concentrated on reducing 300 yuan / ton and implementing 5400-5500 yuan / ton. The market situation was even more difficult. The negotiated offer in East China fell to 5280-5350 yuan / ton, a significant decline. Up to now, the lowest offer of domestic factories is 5400 yuan / ton, and the offers of major mainstream regions are as follows: 5280-5350 yuan / ton in East China, 5500 yuan / ton in South China, and 5500-5550 yuan / ton in Yanshan and Shandong. The short-term supply side has not changed much, the manufacturer’s inventory pressure is large, and the port is relatively stable. The business society expects that the short-term market will not be favorable.

The downstream rubber additives market has declined, the accelerator starts at a low level and the demand support is limited. Under the influence of policies, the downstream tire industry starts at a low level and the overall demand is weak.


Device situation: there was little change in the start-up of enterprises in the week, and the antioxidant industry in the early stage was OK. However, after a round of market, the whole industry decreased significantly, the demand shrank, other retail investors in the downstream had poor enthusiasm to enter the market, just needed to purchase, and the offer price was low.

From the perspective of business community, the MIBK market continues to decline, and the intention to transfer profits still exists. It is difficult to support the cost side. Generally speaking, the downstream needs to follow up. It is expected that the MIBK market will be weak in the short term