Phenol market price continued to rise in September

In August, the domestic phenol market first declined and then rose. In September, the phenol market continued to rise in a narrow range last month. According to the monitoring data of business agency, the average price of phenol in China was 9225 yuan / ton on September 1 and 9350 yuan / ton on September 7, with a small increase, but the market is still rising continuously, with an increase of 1.4%, Up to now, the offers of major mainstream markets are as follows: the offer in East China is 9350 yuan / ton, that in Shandong and Yanshan surrounding areas is 9300-9350 yuan / ton, and that in South China is 9400-9450 yuan / ton.

Looking at the trend chart of phenol index in the whole year, it can be seen that phenol is currently in a reasonable price range, and phenol has been adjusting in the range since the second quarter. In September, domestic phenol factories raised their offer by about 100 yuan / ton, which increased the confidence of the market. Although the port stock increased, the output of overseas devices decreased in September and the domestic supply is expected to increase. Considering that some export cargo holders are not in a hurry to ship, there is no pressure on the short-term supply side, and most low prices do not raise the market quotation by a narrow margin, in terms of devices, In September, the operating rate of domestic phenol ketone units changed little, ranging from 85% to 90%. In September, Zhejiang Petrochemical Unit had a shutdown maintenance plan.

Downstream bisphenol A continues to operate at a high level. Although it has been reduced by a narrow range recently, the overall negotiation is still 27900-28100 yuan / ton. Bisphenol A is mostly Petrochemical supporting devices, which has little impact on the phenol Market, phenolic resin and other downstream changes, and the overall demand is stable.

From the perspective of the business community, the short-term replenishment volume of ships is small, and there are export expectations. The export plan is increased when the original supply expectation is reduced. The supply of domestic cargo carriers is not pressure, and the cargo carriers are still bullish on the market. The business community expects that the phenol market is still expected to be good in the short term.