Weak operation of diethylene glycol and overall price decline

1、 Price trend

(Figure: p-value curve of diethylene glycol product)

According to the business news agency, on June 10, the average p value of diethylene glycol market price was 6543.33 yuan / ton, down 300 yuan / ton from the beginning of the month, a decrease of 4.38%.

In the first ten days of June, the price of diethylene glycol decreased slightly. The ex factory quotation of Sinopec in North China decreased by 300 yuan / ton, and that of Sinopec in South China decreased by 200 yuan / ton.

2、 Analysis of influencing factors

In terms of inventory, as of June 7, the total inventory of diethylene glycol in the main ports of East China was 13800 tons, down 443000 tons or 24.3% from last Monday. Last week, 5000 tons of export orders were completed, and this week, 3000 tons of export orders are expected to be completed.

In terms of equipment, the newly added equipment in the domestic diethylene glycol market, phase II of Zhejiang Petrochemical Project, is about to be put into operation, and is expected to ship in mid June. After the new unit is put into operation, the shortage of inventory can be relieved.

3、 Analysis and forecast

The weak market of the downstream unsaturated polyester resin industry continues. Seasonal factors affect the reduction of terminal orders. Most of the downstream purchasers are wait-and-see, and the overall market enthusiasm is not high. As the off-season approaches, the downstream operating rate slows down. At present, the market is affected by weak demand, the overall weak and stable operation, diethylene glycol weak shock market or will continue.