China’s domestic ethanol market price up in a narrow range

The price of corn ethanol rose, while the price of Henan fell slightly. According to the sample data monitored by the business community, as of June 4, the domestic ethanol market price was 6812 yuan / ton, with a month on month rise of 2.64%, and a year-on-year rise of 17.97%.

Compared with last week, Jilin’s high-end price increased by 100 yuan / ton this week, while the price of large plant equipment maintenance continued to remain stable, while the price of small plant increased by 100 yuan / ton; In Heilongjiang area, there are many small plants shut down, large plants have high output of fuel ethanol and stable output of edible ethanol. The low-end price of Henan area is weak, Hanyong device continues to shut down, and the general shipping price of other enterprises is weak, but the cost is high, and the decline rate is small.

In terms of raw materials, Jilin corn and Henan corn were flat compared with last week, while the price of dried cassava in Thailand went up, with fob245-245 US dollars / ton in Thailand; The price of molasses is firm, and the recent auction price of molasses is about 1560 yuan / ton. Downstream, the domestic ethyl acetate Market rose slightly this week. The raw material acetic acid rose in the early stage. Under the pressure of ethyl acetate manufacturer’s cost, the manufacturer’s inventory was digested smoothly, and the offer was slightly increased with the raw material.

Latest price trends of ethanol market in different regions:

Region, category, price

Henan Province Top grade 6830-6850 yuan / ton, tax included

Henan Province Anhydrous ethanol 7400-7650 yuan / ton including tax

Hebei Province General level 6900-6950 yuan / ton

Hebei Province No water in coal 7600-7700 yuan / ton

Heilongjiang area General grade of corn alcohol 6350 yuan / ton including tax

Jilin area Ordinary alcohol 6450 yuan / ton including tax

Guangxi region Honey alcohol 7150-7300 yuan / ton

Guangxi region 95% alcohol 7150-7300 yuan / ton

Guangxi region Anhydrous ethanol 7650-7900 yuan / ton

Guangdong area Cassava alcohol About 7200 yuan / ton

Guangdong area Anhydrous cassava ethanol About 7750-7850 yuan / ton

Shandong Province General level 6650-6700 yuan / ton

Shandong Province Superior grade of corn 6800-7400 yuan / ton

Shandong Province Corn without water 7450-7500 yuan / ton

Southern Jiangsu General level 6750-6850 yuan / ton

Northern Jiangsu General level 6450-6500 yuan / ton

Anhui Province Cassava general grade About 6650-6750 yuan / ton

Anhui Province anhydrous About 7450-7500 yuan / ton


The price of raw material corn is strong, and some small plants in Northeast China are likely to be overhauled, while the downstream demand is insufficient. It is expected that the corn ethanol finishing operation in Northeast China will be dominated in the short term. Business community ethanol analysts expect that in the short term, the domestic ethanol market will be dominated by consolidation.