Market digestion is slow, domestic butadiene price is still low in April

The domestic butadiene market fell in April. According to the sample data monitored by the business society, the domestic butadiene market price at the beginning of the month was 7415/ T, and the domestic butadiene market price was 6787 yuan / T at the end of the month, with a drop of 8.47% in the month, and the price rose 74.49% year on year.

In April, the domestic butadiene market was mainly in a volatile downward trend. The shutdown and maintenance of Fushun Petrochemical plant has boosted the expectation of supply and demand in the residential area to improve, but it is still difficult to pull the butadiene market. Sinopec and some suppliers have slightly increased prices, and some units are stopped in the month. The starting rate of butadiene was once lower than 60%, but the market inventory digestion is slow, the supply is under pressure. The circulation link is abundant and there are low price transactions, which drag the butadiene market to a weak downward trend after a short-term shock.

In terms of enterprises, the price of butadiene in East China of Sinopec has been down by 400 yuan / ton on a month-on-month basis, and 6900 yuan / ton has been implemented as of April 30; Yantai Wanhua 50000 T / a butadiene extraction unit is in normal operation and the source of goods is sold abroad normally. As of April 29, the price is 7200 yuan / ton; Shenhua ningcoal 64000 tons / year butadiene plant is stable in operation, and some of the goods are exported. As of April 30, the price is 6580 yuan / ton.

External offer: as of May 6, the price of Asian butadiene external market was stable: FOB South Korea closed at USD 935-945 / T; CFR China closed at $945-955 / T. Adjustment of external market price of butadiene in Europe: FOB Rotterdam closed at US $1145-1155 / T, up $25 / T; FD NW closed at 880-890 euro / T, stable

region ., Country, closing price, rise and fall

Asia FOB Korea $935-945 / T US $0 / T

Asia CFR China 945-955 USD / T US $0 / T

Europe FOB Rotterdam US $1145-1155 / T $25 / T

Europe FD northwest Europe 880-890 euro / ton 0 euro / ton

On the positive side, the strong external market boosted domestic supply exports in May, and the short-term butadiene industry start-up rate declined, and inventory removal was promoted. On the aspect of profit and air, the circulation link has high inventory, and some units return to affect the commencement rate, and the downstream rubber market is weak and the inventory is under pressure, and the new capacity is expected to be put into operation. Business agency butadiene analysts expect that the domestic butadiene market will be sorted out in the short term.