This week, the trend of rubber grade silica is stable, and the supply and demand are balanced

According to the data monitored by the business community, as of March 5, the average price of domestic rubber grade high-grade silica is 4700.00 yuan / ton. This week, the purchasing atmosphere of silica market is flat, the trading is cold, the downstream just needs to purchase, the shipping is slow, the stocking atmosphere is cold, the overall supply and demand of the market is balanced, the early market trend is maintained, the quotation range is maintained between 4000-5000 yuan / ton, and the price remains stable Mainly.


This week, the domestic rubber grade silica market is running smoothly, the price is stable, the main contract orders are given priority to, the downstream just need to purchase, the purchasing atmosphere is flat, the number of new orders is limited, most of them are mainly for negotiation, the business mentality is stable, the negotiation atmosphere is general, the business take goods carefully, the shipment is slow, the latest price of Shandong Lihua 4600 yuan / ton, Boai xiang4200 yuan / ton, Shandong Shouguang 530 yuan / ton 0 yuan / ton. The overall market is running smoothly.


On March 5, the chemical industry index was 1030 points, 5 points lower than yesterday, 0.87% lower than 1039 points (2021-03-03), the highest point in the cycle, and 72.24% higher than 598 points, the lowest point on April 8, 2020. (Note: period refers to the period from December 1, 2011 to now)


The quotation of upstream hydrochloric acid is temporarily stable, and the actual transaction price is mainly through negotiation. General cost support, poor downstream purchasing enthusiasm, weak and stable overall trend, just need to purchase, maintain the early trend in the short term, hydrochloric acid commodity index on March 4 was 45.39, flat with yesterday, decreased by 54.61% compared with the highest point of 100.00 (2011-09-12), increased by 152.45% compared with the lowest point of 17.98 on September 5, 2012. (Note: period refers to 2011-09-01 to now).


Business analyst, white carbon analyst, said: the overall market of the silica market is deserted, and the downstream market just needs to maintain the trend of official account and maintain stable operation. Products, access to commodity information, master commodity prices).