Demand improves, formaldehyde market price rises in Shandong

According to the data from the commodity list of business news agency, the market price of formaldehyde in Shandong has risen recently. The average price of formaldehyde in Shandong was 1167.67 yuan / ton on the 13th, and 1220.00 yuan / ton on the 14th, with an increase of 4.57%. The current price has increased by 4.57% month on month and 15.82% year on year.


Recently, the domestic formaldehyde market price fluctuated and consolidated. As of January 14, the mainstream factory price in Central China was about 1250 yuan / ton, the mainstream factory price in North China was 1060 yuan / ton, and the mainstream factory price in East China was 1270 yuan / ton. Shandong Linyi Galaxy formaldehyde production capacity of 120000 tons / year formaldehyde plant shutdown. Recently, some formaldehyde factories in Shandong have been shut down for maintenance. Recently, the operating rate of formaldehyde is at a low level, the inventory decreases rapidly, and the formaldehyde market rises.


Upstream methanol situation: the ex factory price of methanol market in southern Shandong is temporarily stable to 2300-2320 yuan / ton, and Linyi receives local goods at 2310-2320 yuan / ton without tax, and there is no quotation for logistics goods. Shandong methanol Lubei market transaction price is about 2280-2300 yuan / ton to cash. The turnover of methanol market in central Shandong increased by 60 yuan / ton to 2400 yuan / ton in cash, while the transaction price of peripheral goods may be 2300-2320 yuan / ton in cash. Methanol market has an upward trend in some areas, which can support formaldehyde.


Recently, Shandong wood factory is in the rush stage before the holiday, actively purchasing formaldehyde, and the market trading atmosphere is warm. Formaldehyde manufacturers have a good mentality, leading the rise of formaldehyde market.


Recently, the upstream raw material methanol market rose slightly, the cost support was strong, the demand of downstream wood mills improved, and the willingness to buy was strong. Therefore, the formaldehyde analysts of the chemical branch of business society predicted that the recent price of formaldehyde in Shandong would mainly rise slightly.