High cost, strong upward market price of dichloromethane

According to the monitoring of the bulk data of the business agency, affected by the high price of raw materials, the dichloromethane market in Shandong has been strong and upward. As of October 13, the average price in Shandong was about 2720 yuan / ton, up 4.62% compared with the beginning of the month and 19.3% higher than the same period of last month.


PVA 2088 (PVA BP20)

Production capacity and operation of the enterprise

Shandong Jinling 440000 tons / year 70%

Dongying Jinmao 120000 tons / year parking

Luxi Chemical Industry: 400000 tons / year: 50%

Shandong Dongyue: 280000 tons / year: 50%

Jiangxi Liwen: 120000 tons / year: 50%

Jiangsu Liwen 160000 tons / year 70%

Jiangsu Meilan 200000 tons / year 70%

Quhua, Zhejiang: 300000 yuan / year: 70%

Zhejiang Juhua 300000 tons / year 80%

Affected by the high price of raw material liquid chlorine, the cost side pressure of dichloromethane production enterprises is relatively high, and some enterprises have obvious production inversion situation. In addition, the market as a whole started to reduce the negative, double positive factors support the price of dichloromethane to rise strongly. At present, the price of dichloromethane in Shandong is about 2720-2750 yuan / ton, that of Jiangsu Liwen is about 3300 yuan / ton, and that of Jiangxi Liwen is about 2750 yuan / ton.


PVA 1788 (PVA BP17)

In terms of upstream market, due to the favorable influence of the favorable futures and the rising downstream demand, the methanol market has increased to varying degrees, among which Shandong and Shanxi regions have obvious upward trend, and the favorable factors still exist in a short time, at present, about 1825 yuan / ton; the liquid chlorine market is running at a high level, enterprises have successively issued maintenance plans, and the low inventory leads to the continuous rise of liquid chlorine price The current quotation is about 1000-1200 yuan / ton.


In terms of downstream market, the transaction of refrigerant market was weak after the festival, the demand of downstream market was weak, the market continued to operate at a low level and weak position, and the industry was obviously bearish; the pharmaceutical and agricultural solvent industry started smoothly, and there was insufficient support for dichloromethane.


According to the methane chloride data of the business society, the domestic dichloromethane enterprises are affected by the high cost pressure, and the enterprises have a serious situation of tipping. In addition, the current reservoir pressure is not large, and the enterprise has obvious intention of supporting prices. It is expected that the domestic dichloromethane enterprises will continue to operate stably in a short period of time.