The seasonal demand for potassium sulfate is low and the price is stable in the short term

1、 Price trend

2、 Market analysis



Mannheim potassium sulfate: About 2650% powder; about 2750% granules and 52% water-soluble powder. Report station of potassium sulfate manufacturer in water salt system: Xinjiang 51-52% powder 3100-3150; Qinghai 50% powder 2250-2380. The price of potassium sulphate in Southwest China has slowed down, but it is still at the top of the domestic market. The ex factory price of 52% water-soluble powder is about 2900 yuan / ton, while the external price is still over 3000 yuan / ton. The price of potassium sulphate in Northwest China is also slowing down, and the ex factory price of 50% powder is about 2450 yuan / ton. SDIC’s potash plant has entered the maintenance period in summer, and the current inventory can maintain normal supply and shipment. Some manufacturers of potassium sulfate in Qinghai water salt system said that they would adjust it after the new price of potash was determined. Some manufacturers have reduced the arrival price of 50% powder to 2250 yuan / ton, and temporarily expanded the scope of customers.


3、 Future forecast


The seasonal demand for potash fertilizer is low, there is still surplus in stock, and the price is relatively stable in the short term. With the overall low price of potassium chloride Market in the later period tending to be stable, potassium sulfate may be affected to some extent, the price will also be lowered, and the pressure of water salt potassium sulfate will gradually increase in the later period. Potassium sulphate analyst of business association thinks: potassium sulphate is in a stable position in the short term, and the later stage mainly depends on the trend of potassium chloride.