Market consolidation of cyclohexanone

I. price trend


According to the monitoring data of business agency, as of November 12, the latest price of cyclohexanone in China was 7333 yuan / ton, down 10.93% month on month and 40.93% year on year. The market of cyclohexanone in China is weak.


II. Market analysis



Products: at present, domestic cyclohexanone manufacturers have made it clear that there are not many offers. The shipping level of enterprises is around 7600-7800 yuan / ton. Most of them supply supporting downstream production demand, and the inventory level is low. The market of cyclohexanone in South China was mainly sorted out, and the negotiation was sent by reference to 7800-7900 yuan / ton. The upstream pure benzene was not effectively boosted, the demand for downstream solvent was weak, and the merchants mainly purchased on demand, with limited optimism. The market atmosphere of cyclohexanone in East China is weak. The negotiation reference is 7700-7800 yuan / ton. The price reduction of pure benzene enterprises has an impact on the mentality. The enterprises follow up and reduce the price. The downstream purchases on demand. The short-term optimism is insufficient.


Industrial chain: pure benzene: Asian pure benzene Market: the turnover of goods in December is 644 US dollars / ton CFR China, and the seller’s intention of shipping goods in December is 625 US dollars / ton FOB South Korea. Domestic pure benzene Market: the atmosphere of East China pure benzene market is weak, and the enterprise’s price reduction affects the mentality. The negotiation reference is 5250-5350 yuan / ton, some of the buying price is slightly low, and the negotiation of far month goods is 4900-5050 yuan / ton, and the cost line support is limited.



Caprolactam: the caprolactam US dollar market is narrowed, the offers of the merchants are temporarily stable, the inquiry atmosphere of the downstream factories is light, there are not many actual orders in the market, and the mainstream transaction negotiation reference in the market is 1300-1330 US dollars / ton. Caprolactam liquid market is weak, and the main real single negotiation price in East China market is 11000-11200 yuan / ton (delivered by acceptance within 6 months), down 50 yuan / ton. Caprolactam business mentality is empty, the focus of market negotiation tends to low-end. Downstream just need to buy mainly, the market trading atmosphere is light.


III. future forecast


On the positive side, I am interested in replenishment at a low price. On the negative side, the solvent demand is insufficient; the enterprise price is low; the price of pure benzene enterprise is lowered. The price of upstream enterprises is lowered, which is expected to have a negative impact on the market, and the level of manufacturers’ shipment is reduced. The cyclohexanone analysts of the business society expect that the market of domestic cyclohexanone market is weak in the short term.