Potassium sulfate lacks good support and its price is weak

Price Trend


II. Market Analysis

Mannheim potassium sulfate 50% powder mainstream factory price 2800-3100 yuan/ton, 52% powder factory price 2900-3200 yuan/ton, South China price is higher, preferential range is 50-100 yuan. Qinghai water-salt system powdery potassium sulfate mainstream arrival quotation is about 2550-2600 yuan/ton, the transaction is limited, the actual transaction can be discussed.


Luo Potassium plant resumed production. At present, the pre-market stock is still waiting to be shipped. 51% of the powder arrival price is 3100 yuan/ton, 52% of the powder arrival price is 3150 yuan/ton, 51% of the actual regional transaction price is about 2750 yuan/ton, 52% of the powder is about 2800 yuan/ton.

3. Future Market Forecast

Potassium sulphate analyst of business association thinks: After National Day, the market of potassium fertilizer is not good, and the price of potassium sulphate is stable. Generally speaking, the potassium sulfate market lacks favorable support, unless the industry start-up rate can be significantly reduced, the market is unlikely to improve in the short term.