This week aniline continued to rise (September 23-27)

Price Trend


Aniline prices continued to rise this week, with Shandong currently trading at 7,600 yuan/ton and Nanjing at 7,800 yuan/ton, up 3.14% from last Friday, according to a large list of business associations.


II. Analytical Review

Raw Material: This week, the price of raw material pure benzene is 5600-5900 yuan/ton, down from last week. This week, the tender price of aniline raw material is about 200 yuan/ton lower than before. Last week, the Saudi Arabian incident led to a surge in crude oil and pure benzene, benefiting the domestic market and pure benzene. The impact of this week’s events has subsided. Although the inventory of Zhouzhuangdong Port declined slightly, some factories were parked near the lower reaches of the Eleventh century, and environmental protection requirements caused certain restrictions on transportation. The demand for pure benzene was reduced, and the price of hydrobenzene in Shandong Province began to decline.


Products: Last week, due to the unstable parking of Shanxi Tianji plant, reduced shipments, downstream enterprises turned to Shandong and other places to purchase, aniline inventory declined, this week aniline enterprise supply is still on the tight side. In addition, although the tender price of raw material pure benzene fell this week, the tender price of nitric acid increased by a large margin, and the cost support was strong, which was good to support the price rise of aniline.

III. Future Market Expectations

Raw Material: Likong: The recent blue sky defense battle has a strong influence, transportation constraints hinder the good market of pure benzene. Advantages: Port stocks in East China are declining and imports of pure benzene are on the low side.

Near the Oct 1st


, downstream enterprises have reduced their demand for aniline due to environmental protection.

It is expected that in the near future, aniline will mainly increase in consumption and run steadily.