The peak season has come, and the PET market is steadily rising in September (9.01-9.10)

Price Trend

According to the data monitored by business associations, on September 01, PET water bottle manufacturers quoted 7062.5 yuan/ton, and on September 10, PET water bottle manufacturers quoted 7112.5 yuan/ton. The overall price rose slightly by 0.71%. This week, the market of PET showed an upward trend.

II. Cause Analysis

PVA 0599 (PVA BF05)

Product aspect: Polyester market improved in September. Affected by the upstream raw material PTA plant maintenance and price rise, the spot price of PET rose with the market. The supply of gold, nine silver and ten busy seasons increased, the cost side was well supported, and the production and marketing improved slightly. At present, the overall trading of polyester bottle market is flat and the market expectation is not clear. Near the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the environmental protection policy is grim. The downstream enterprises are in a wait-and-see atmosphere and just need to purchase. In the short term, the market of polyester bottle flakes followed the upward trend of raw materials, but the increase was limited. According to the business association data, as of September 10, the main quotation range of PET water bottle manufacturers is 7000-7250 yuan/ton.

Raw Material: Recently (September 01-September 10), PTA spot market price of raw materials has risen slightly, and the overhaul plan of large factories is stimulating, but the spot market is full of mobile goods, and the raw materials and demand side are not optimistic. Ethylene glycol plant start-up rate decreased, port inventory decreased, and the price of polyethylene glycol. However, there have been many news of device restart recently, which has exerted some pressure on the price.


Industry: On September 9, the PET commodity index was 53.57, unchanged from yesterday, down 48.37% from 103.76 points in the cycle (2011-09-22) and up 12.21% from 47.74 points on January 25, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to

3. Future Market Forecast

PET analysts from business association believe that the market of PET has improved with the advent of the golden nine silver ten peak season. However, the intensification of Sino-US trade, cautious terminal demand and strong wait-and-see atmosphere of manufacturers have forced the market of PET to turn around completely. It is expected that the focus of the PET market will move upward in the short term and follow the trend of the cost side.