In early August, supply was affected and PC prices shocked down(8.5-8.12)

Price Trend

According to the data monitored by business associations, the PC market in China showed a good overall trend in early August. As of August 12, the average price quoted by domestic producers and traders for Bayer 2805 was about 18833.33 yuan/ton, almost unchanged from the beginning of the week.

PVA 0588 ( PVA BP05)

II. Cause Analysis

PC upstream bisphenol A market in early August continued last month’s light trend, unable to rise prices down. On-site purchasing intentions are weak and trading is difficult. Downstream factories are just in need of purchasing, and the operators have a wait-and-see mentality and are not willing to operate. It is expected that the domestic bisphenol A market will be weaker in the near future, which will not support the domestic PC cost. At present, the domestic PC is in the peak period of maintenance, and is affected by typhoon, which affects the start-up rate of the factory. The typhoon also temporarily closed the port, greatly delaying the arrival of imported goods. Affected by this, domestic supply is tighter, pushing up spot PC prices, and some brands have risen. Although the mindset of the traders is still more cautious and demand has not improved, in the short run, the willingness of the factories and traders to reserve their bid. In the second week of August, the domestic PC spot price shocks and calls back.


3. Future Market Forecast

Business PC analysts believe that recent domestic PC upstream bisphenol A continued last month’s weakness, prices continued to fall, dragging PC cost. The operating rate of domestic PC production units and the arrival rate of imported cargo shipping are affected by typhoon, and the shortage of cargo sources has boosted the spot price of PC. The improvement of downstream demand is limited, and the operation of stock purchase is cautious. Businessmen are willing to bid actively. It is expected that there will still be a buoyant atmosphere in the near future. PC may adjust the shock upward. It is suggested that close attention be paid to the arrival of major ports.