Potassium sulfate market prices remained stable this week

Price Trend

According to the price monitoring of business associations, the market of potassium sulfate remained stable this week.


II. Market Analysis

The domestic potassium sulphate market is relatively stable. Recently, there is still a large demand for water-soluble potassium sulphate in downstream compound fertilizer plants. Mannheim produces 52% water-soluble potassium sulphate mainly. There is no stock in the plant, keeping the balance of production and marketing, and even some factories have received orders until the end of July. At present, Mannheim 52% water-soluble potassium sulfate shipment price is more than 3000-3150 yuan/ton, the actual transaction is based on a single regional agreement, the supply of goods is slightly tight. Resource-based potassium sulfate has remained stable, tenders for tobacco in southern China have tenders, and other tenders will be launched one after another, which to some extent supports the current market prices. Water and salt 50% powder arrival price is more than 2520-2550 yuan/ton, Luo potassium 52% powder arrival price is more than 2700-2750 yuan/ton. Both factories and traders indicate that resource-based potassium sulfate will have an upward trend in the future.


3. Future Market Forecast

Potassium sulphate analyst of business association thinks: At present, potassium fertilizer market sales are not strong, and keep stable trend in the short term.

PVA 0599 (PVA BF05)